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Together with our partners from Lithuania, the company BALTIJOS BRASTA, we offer different models of glass shower enclosures in Bulgaria.

BALTIJOS BRASA has been producing shower cabins since 2001. During all this time, the firm has remained faithful to high quality, modern design and good service. In cooperation with Lithuanian designers, the company has developed several collections - Space, Acrobat, No Limits, Harmony and Charisma. In 2004 and 2008, the model 'Vaiva’ and the collection 'Charisma' have respectively won awards for Product of the Year in Lithuania. The company also operates successfully in Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Greece and other countries.

Our shower enclosures are modern, with robust construction, good resealing and easy to clean. All cabins are protected by the new technology "Fast Drops", thanks to which the the drops become like balls running down the glass. This facilitates the cleaning of the glass up to 90%.

Most of our models allow the implementation of non-standard sized cabins, with glass in various colors and patterns. The products are certified according to EU standards.


A combination of glass and aluminum. The doors are frameless, hanging on wheels with bearings, the construction is very strong, the glass is tempered and coated with the 'Fast drops' technology, the cabins can be installed either on shower tray or directly on the floor.


Scandinavian functionality and practicality. The doors can be opened at both sides. When opening, the door slightly raises from the floor and can be fixed in both open or closed positions. The closure angle is adjustable for perfect resealing, the glass is tempered and coated with 'Fast drops'.


Sensation of lightness and spaciousness. Cabins are frameless – a combination of glass, chrome brackets and separate hinges that allow reliable fixation of doors in open and closed position, and also self-closing. The glass is tempered and treated with 'Fast drops'.


Strict forms, minimalism and elegance. The cabins arein full harmony with the interior of the bathroom. The construction is frameless, the accessories are with rectangular shapes, the doors are raised when opened and easily closed after a slight jog, the gaskets are of higher quality. The glass is tempered and treated with 'Fast drops'.


Spellbinding and atractive design. The key innovations here are the magnet hinges and the design of curved glass. Thanks to the curved glass, cabins look ethereal, while the magnet hinges allow self-closing of the door from any position and contribute the extension of the product’s life. The glass is tempered and treated with 'Fast drops'.


Convenient and practical solutions. Especially comfortable when there is too little space to open the door. Minimal design, silently and easily operating bearings. The glass is tempered and treated with 'Fast drops'.


Any niche in the bathroom can easily be transformed into a stylish shower enclosure. For more details please refer to our full catalogue.